Saturday, 21 April 2012

من ارادة التغيير الي ادارة التغيير

 In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Today during the morning session we spent with Dr Tamer Abdel Hamed discussing the differential diagnosis of signs of meningeal irritation, he stressed on how to break the boredom cycle that we face everyday especially being a final year medical student at Cairo University Medical School.

It is really not enjoying for us doing the same activities repeatedly every day for a long period of time. We start our day as early as 7am and the day in the faculty end 8 to 10 hours later. Plus, it is the same person we meet either in the faculty or at home! (haha). Somehow it's bothersome.

So, Dr Tamer brought us a solution. He said, "The treatment is to change". Yes, make a change!

"Change your environment, change the time you study, change the way you look at the books, change the place you study, change yourself (..err..what?..what?), change whatever you can to make your days become productive and essentially to break the boredom cycle", he added.

In early October 2011, when I was attending a conference held at Cairo University Conference Center about Change Management, I got a list of points that hinder our desire and vision to change. The lecture was given by an expert Egyptian, Dr Osama Mosallam, a Management Consultant with the tittle "Health Care Change Management". I was among one of 3 Malaysians that attended the conference with other Egyptian colleagues.

These were 8 points that he shared with the audiences;

#1 Not establishing sense of urgency to change.
#2 No powerful guiding coalition.
#3 Lacking a vision.
#4 Underestimate the vision.
#5 Not removing any obstacles from the new vision.
#6 Not creating short term wins systematically.
#7 Declaring victory too soon.
#8 Not embedding change in the corporate culture.

Then I realize I have most of these factors listed above and it is time to make the change. Yeah, I have to walk the talk and I'm gonna start with the man in the mirror.

O Allah, help me find your way!

This entry is intentionally written short and in English. So, do not expect much from these paragraphs. It is just a piece of idea that with great hope it will give some booster to all of you.

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