Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Suturing Workshop

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious And The Most Merciful

This morning, I was attending a workshop on how to perform a simple suture on a gap wound at A&E Dept, Tg Karang Hospital. Having a needle holder on my right hand and a tissue forceps on the left drive me a step forward on emergency medicine.

Being a doctor is not only building a relationship with patients and colleagues but also developing soft skills. On suturing a wound, as a doctor you have to bring out your inner creativity as it may have a cosmetic value later.

from left : silk (black), nylon (blue) and cat gut (brown)

simple continuous suture

this one is not mine

Suturing a wound on a face need a very small gap between every sutures and has to be removed within 5 days maximally. In contrast, a suture done on the hand will have TCA about 7 days after and even longer on palm and sole up to 10 days.

The thread used can be classified as absorbable or non-absorbable one. The only absorbable thread use is of cat gut origin. This is the one that often used during circumcision. The other type either nylon or silk.

Vocab Today:
TCA - To come again


c's said...

aaa,. Kita yang rquest, kita plak yang tak sempat belajar..

tahun depan sambung balik belajar benda nih boleh? :D

aiyqosim said...

nak join nak join! ada lagi tak? ke sehari je?

hamada hamdi said...

#to c's
bole je. nnt request la ngn MA kt ED tu.

#to aiyqosim
sehari je. ala, g je kat ED. pastu minta la kt HD dia kata nk blaja suture. xpon minta je kt MA2 yg free.

Farid Nazmi said...

Dah lama nak belajar~

kucIngbUnge said...

tahun dpn buat att kt HTK lg,jom!